Dismantle: Round and Round

Music videos – the perfect excuse to create stories that are a bit, well twisted. So, after biting into some suspect candyfloss served by a mysterious man at a fun fair, our protagonist in this promo for Brighton-based producer Dismantle enters a twisted, psychedelic and surreal world of Well Plastic’s making.

As well as creating a surreal world winning this commission was a great excuse to experiment with a new bit of kit, our SnorriCam. We filmed the exterior scenes one Sunday afternoon at the Billy Bates funfair and Luke, our editor, spent a week in post editing the footage in Adobe Premier using various grading techniques to achieve the phantasm of hallucination.

He used Adobe After Effects to composite a singing mouth onto various confectionery items that he created in-house and animated key elements of a fun fair to act as the trippy hallucinations experienced by the unwitting protagonist.

The lip sequences were conceived in pre-production, while the animated sections were conceived in post-production so we could introduce a change of scenery to add another dimension to the video and keep it engaging for the viewer.

Video commissioned by the Insanity Group through Radar Music Videos and filmed over a single afternoon at a fairground in Leicestershire.