Indiana: Smoking Gun

In a basement warehouse in Nottingham one bleak Saturday in April we gathered a small film crew, a handful of extras, Indiana and Andrew Shim, who you’ll recognise from Shane Meadows’ film This Is England and the follow-up TV series. We were filming our third music video with Indiana.

Our concept for the video followed an increasingly frustrated Indiana as she went through a day and night with her inattentive boyfriend who is spending all of his time sat on the sofa, engrossed in computer games. Indiana initially can’t believe her boyfriend isn’t noticing the changes in her. Growing embittered, Indiana leaves the confines of their flat to begin a hedonistic journey to let off some steam and fulfill her attention needs.

Indiana’s frustration manifests with her reacting violently in the flat, smashing objects in slow motion and shouting directly in her boyfriend’s face without him batting an eyelid. She leaves the flat again to continue her ‘alternative life’.

The final scene is Indiana and her boyfriend’s flat filled with people having a crazy party, the boyfriend still sat on the sofa playing games, occasionally brushing people aside. Then the room is suddenly completely empty, the boyfriend for the first time, looks around and utters a simple ‘huh’, still totally unaware of all of the events that have taken place. Game Over…

You can watch the video for Indiana: Smoking Gun over on our work page.