Secret Friend: Orbital Velocity

To work with the Secret Friend track Orbital Velocity we created a music video with an abstract and heartwarming view of humanity’s endeavour to leave our over-populated, dying planet in search for a new home in the far reaches of the solar system.

The video is a striking collage of seemingly random imagery, formed in a craft, collage style, to tell the story of earth’s demise and humanity’s struggle to find a new home.

Secret Friend is a project by Thailand-based songwriter Steven Fox. Produced in Los Angeles by Linus of Hollywood.

Steven was a great client. Here’s some feedback he provided on the work,

“From beginning to end, the folks at Well Plastic were super professional and communicative and timely. When I received their treatment it immediately stood out from the other two dozen treatments I received – very well presented, and clearly they had put quite a lot of effort into the treatment. It indicated to me that not only were they talented but experienced as well. My song is an instrumental, so it’s very open to interpretation and I had provided very little guidance in my brief. Well Plastic created an epic storyline which fit perfectly with the music. The completed video turned out even more impressive than I had imagined, with playful imagery and a lot of attention paid to small details. I am super impressed with the overall experience and am hopeful I get the opportunity to work with Well Plastic again.”

Thanks Steven!

Commissioned through RadarMusicVideos.